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Questers' Way is built around five daily practices that help us lead healthy, successful, fulfilling lives, no mater what age we are.


The Questers' Way Collective Facebook Group is a vibrant community of positive people encouraging, supporting, and celebrating each other. Come join us!

Founder's Blog

The Spilling Over Blog by Questers' Way founder, Ken Caputo, is a conversation about why you matter, and why we need your meaningful contributions. It’s about filling yourself with the best of who you are and who you can be until it spills over onto rest of us.



Ken Caputo and Stephanie Henderson have been working together building and growing small businesses for over 20 years. With Ken as the visionary CEO and Stephanie as the integrator COO, they work seamlessly as dichotomous pair.

Questers' Way is the result of over two decades of entrepreneurship, study, and real-world testing. We see Questers' Way positively impacting communities all around the country and bringing joy back to learning.

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