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Home School Thursdays


Move • Think • Connect • Fuel • Empower

Amazing programming designed for inquisitive minds and growing bodies.


Thursday is dedicated to our many friends who are home schooled. Diverse, age-specific programming includes movement-based learning, project-based learning, and social gaming classes.


Take a single class or make a day of it! Programs begin as early as 10:00am and extend through 4:00 pm. You can register for one class, or as many as six per day. You can even enjoy lunch right on site at Crossroads Cafe.

Let the adventure begin!

  • MOVE: Move U is dedicated to discovering your best self through movement. Instilling healthy habits to combat the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

  •  THINK: Project based learning to stimulate the mind and promote life long learning. Stimulate both your left and right brain in the Think Tank. 

  •  CONNECT: The Adventure Room is full of gaming and social opportunities for all ages. Nurturing relationships with one’s self and others through positive competition and collaboration. 

  •  PLAY: Kid’s need to have space to just be kids! Pebble Park gives them space to run, jump, climb, and burn off energy. Take a break and just play!

  •  EAT: Food is at the intersection of living an optimal life. In Crossroads Café, enjoy simple, tasty, real food that will add more years to your life, and more life to your years.


Class Descriptions

Age Groups

Adventurers: Pre-K

Explorers: K – 2nd Grade

Enthusiasts: 3rd – 6th Grade

Pathfinders: 7th – 12th Grade

Acting                                                                     Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Students will learn techniques and skills in the craft of acting through a series of monologues, scenes, and plays.  Students will learn a scene from a play and perform for Homeschool Share Day and Quest Fest.  Fluent reading skills and ability to memorize are required.


Art Explorations                                                 Adventurers

Students will explore various art mediums and techniques throughout the semester to make unique creations. Students will work with watercolor, acrylics, oil pastels, bubbles, shaving cream, and more.


Comic Book Writing                                         Explorers & Enthusiasts

Students will hone their creativity and writing skills as they learn to be just like the writers of Marvel and DC comics!

Design a Sport                                                     Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Expand creativity and a love of fitness by designing your own sport or physical activity.  Students will work collaboratively to design several games that will be played at the end of the semester. 


Experimenting with Sound                            Explorers & Enthusiasts

Experimenting with Sound is a science class mixed with a music class. Students will be learning about different aspects such as what an echo is, how different instruments make sound, and how to make instruments out of household objects.


Exploring Music                                                  Adventurers & Explorers

In this elementary music class, we will be learning music fundamentals through singing, dancing, and moving together through folk songs and body percussion. Students will learn how to sing, read, and write music in a fun and positive atmosphere.


Game Design                                                       Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Students will learn to build their own board game.


Hands on History                                               Adventurers & Explorers

Students will learn about iconic landmarks around the world through discussion and hands on activities, projects, and games.  Truly a multisensory class, little ones will practice listening, cooperative learning, and fine motor skills.


History of WWI & WWII                                 Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Enthusiasts and pathfinders will journal their way through the chronological history of World War I and World War II.  They can expect exciting and lively discussion of the events and how it all relates to our world today. 


How to be a Grown-Up                                   Pathfinders

Students will learn some basics that every adult should know, such as basic money management, car repair/maintenance, kitchen skills, etc.


Inventions                                                            Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Students will learn about blueprinting, prototyping, and testing as they learn the process and create their own inventions.  Students are encouraged to bring in their own materials.  


Martial Arts                                                         Explorers and up

Curiosity. Young minds want to investigate and explore everything. Our instructors will give these young explorers an introduction to the fascinating and fun world of martial arts. Classes will combine a structured environment with plenty of movement and opportunities for students to learn and grow at their own unique pace. They’ll leave class smiling, guaranteed! 


Musical Theater/Dance                                  Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Students will practice their skills of persistence, determination, commitment, and teamwork as they participate in this high energy class.  Over the course of the semester, students will learn a dance in a style of musical theater.  The dance will pair with the scene that the acting class is learning and it will culminate in a performance to share day and Quest Fest.


Mural Painting                                                   Pathfinders

Pathfinders will hone their painting skills as they learn patience, persistence, and pacing with a long-term project.  We will pay tribute to our beloved Pebble Park by painting a Pebble Park themed mural on the walls of Move U1.


Playground Games                                           Adventurers

Preschoolers can get their wiggles out as they practice social skills, turn taking, listening, and gross motor skills.  Together, we will play classic and new playground games like Simon says, red light green light, duck, duck goose and more!

Reading Warriors                                              Explorers & Enthusiasts

Sometimes, you need to be a warrior in order to learn to read. Reading Warriors is designed to help all students who are struggling with reading, writing, and/or spelling, including children with dyslexia.  Using a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham based approach, students will get to learn in the way that their brains work best. We will see, say, move, and play with words in an encouraging, upbeat environment.


Reading Warriors, Junior                         Adventurers

Reading Warriors, Junior is a class for warriors in training.  Children ages three to five will learn crucial prereading skills such as letter/sound recognition, rhyming, and patterns in a fun, dynamic, multisensory format.  We will practice these skills as we nurture a love of learning and a love of reading.

Rock Band                                                                  Ages 7+

Our guitar students will work towards becoming a full-fledged rock band by exploring and learning instruments and preparing for a share day concert of 3-4 songs.


Simple Machines                                               Adventurers & Explorers

Students will practice critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperative learning skills as they learn about simple machines from screws to incline planes.  Students will study real world examples and experience hands on learning by creating their own versions.


Young Game Masters                                      Enthusiasts & Pathfinders

Students will learn the art of game mastering and run their own adventures.


Zumba                                                                    Pathfinders & Adults

Do you love to dance? Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be 'FUN AND EASY TO DO' in order for participants to stick to the Zumba fitness program and achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is not only great for the body; it is also great for the mind, a 'feel happy' workout. Our kid-friendly Zumba classes have age-appropriate music and dance moves.

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