Choose Your Adventure!

So many quests to choose from!
Every day is a new adventure at Questers’ Way!

What to Expect:

  • Adventure Quests are three hours in length.

  • Includes Pebble Park Play

  • Includes two Love to Learn experiences

  • A dedicated Educator supervises your child for the entire adventure, both in classes and in the park

  • Add QuestCare to be able to go offsite while your kids learn and play!


Prepare to enter the special world of your Quest.

Enter the Portal

Meet your guide, gear up for your adventure, and pass through the portal into a world of wonder!


The hunt for clues begins!

The Scouting Mission

Venture forth into Pebble Park and seek out the clues you will need to successfully complete your adventure. Your guide will assist you as run and tumble your way to the next stage of your Quest.


You are the hero of the story!

The Hero’s Academy

Bring out your inner awesome as you head to the Think Tank or Move U to receive the knowledge and skills you will need as you continue your adventure. Stretch you body and your mind during this fun and engaging class.

Put your skills to the test!

The Hero’s Challenge

Adventurers will head back to Pebble Park to test their newly found skills through a series of games and tasks under the direction of their watchful guide. Once they have gathered up enough Level Up Energy they will be ready to discover their secret talisman and it’s mysterious powers.


Celebrate the Hero’s success!

The Talisman Revealed

Adventurers will return to the Think Tank or Move U, where the secret talisman is revealed and the adventurers will learn about it’s special powers. They then practice and prepare for the final challenge. The end of the Quest is near!


The triumphant celebration begins!

The Hero's Return

The final challenge will be met and the Heroes triumphantly return to their friends and families in the ordinary world forever changed. Adventurers will leave with treasures to remind them of their time in the special world. Welcome home, brave Hero!

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