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The Vision of


Imagine an integrated entertainment center that meets the needs of your entire family...


Meaningful Human Connection


Empowered Learning


Joyful Simplicity

Welcome to Questers’ Way, a gathering place packed full of quality activities and learning, deliciously healthy food, and amazing opportunities to celebrate and play as a family. 


Questers’ Way is a place that was designed for you. It’s a place where kids can be kids, adults are respected, and families can learn, grow, eat, play and celebrate together.


Welcome to your home away from home.


Your Village,
Your Questers' Way

Your kids are so excited to see their friends. You’re looking forward to getting together with your favorite adults to catch up over a cup of coffee. No cooking; no dishes tonight. After the kids romp with dad in Pebble Park, followed by a Zumba class for mom and dance and martial arts for the kids, you all enjoy a healthy meal in Crossroads Cafe.


This one place is packed full of fun and learning. No driving all over town, no hoping you’ll be able to find the quality learning and activities your family deserves. It’s all right here: a village that was built with you in mind. Questers’ Way is staff by a rigorously trained team who loves serving their community, and your family will form bonds and relationships that will last for years

Experiencing Questers' Way

     What becomes possible for your family

when your lives become integrated and balanced,

when all the pieces of your life actually fit together


Safe, Fun, Indoor Play

(and a break for busy parents!)

Pebble Park is designed for kids ages 0-12 years old to make new friends, interact with QWay educators, and safely free-play in a clean, supervised, indoor environment.

“Perfect for kids to be kids and adults to take a breather while the kids are fully engaged in learning fun!”

~Online Review from a happy parent


Fast-Casual Dining

that is healthy AND affordable

Crossroads Cafe is designed for active families to make healthy eating fun. Parents can relax with a cup of coffee and watch their children play in Pebble Park and the whole family can enjoy a healthy meal together in between Love to Learn classes and activities.


Educational Activities

that every parent wants for their kids

No more running all over town! From dance classes to adult fitness and art classes to Dungeons & Dragons, Questers' Way offers programs and activities for the whole family... conveniently under one roof.


Adventure Birthdays

No Mess, No Stress!

Every parent wants their child to feel like a hero on their birthday... but no one wants to clean up the mess! We take care of both during our done-for-you, spoil-your-kid, customizable birthday parties that will have your kid's friends saying - "Best Party Ever!"


Events & Community

that bring everyone together

Questers' Way is the place you can connect as a family, make new friends, and learn new things in a safe, welcoming environment. From Homeschool Days to Open Mic Nights, Chamber of Commerce Networking events to school field trips, Questers' Way is a community hub where everyone can move, think, connect, fuel, and empower themselves on their way towards their best life.

The Questers' Way Mission

We connect and celebrate caring, engaged human beings who love to learn and grow. Questers’ Way is a safe place to have fun, be creative, and, most importantly, be you :)

Get Your Quest Book & Become a Pebble Dropper!

Join the Quest! "A quest is a journey - an adventure that leaves the quester forever changed." We are on a quest to make a positive impact on our family and friends. Together we can spread some positive ripples through our actions. This book is full of "missions" designed to promote kindness and caring. From sharing smiles to writing a thank you note, each mission encourages mindfulness in how we move through the world. Your Quest Book comes in black and white (except for the cover) so that each Quester can color, decorate, and personalize every page. Enjoy your quest, Pebble Droppers!

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